Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I FINALLY got a job..after months of searching haha. I guess all the hard work has paid off except I wish it had more hours though I cannot complain whatsoever. I'm worried about leaving my puppy home for 4 1/2 hours though :/ she hasn't been home that long by herself. This will take SO much pressure off of me, no one has any idea how stressed I've been trying to figure out a way to get a job. Yay :)

Next goal: save up for a older VW.
way to blog. It seems I'm obsessed now.
My first time blogging from my phone!! I wish that blackberries had an actual app for Blogger like the iPhone does but oh long as there is some

Year review! So far...

January: New decade which means new problems. My second New Year's being with Dillon (who is amazing i might add). Still was in graphic design which blows balls. Sitting in front of a computer is not my thing! I got headaches alot, one so bad I went to the ER. January has always been a dull month for me.

February: Valentine's Day! Dillon and I actually fought most of v-day..sounds more like a war when you say it that way, which it pretty much was..I thought it was a day of love?! I guess love isn't perfect, but I do know that I love Dillon and I always will. School went on and I ended up skipping alot of it and went to the library instead.. I read MOONWALK by Michael Jackson..what an amazing person! No matter what anyone says about him, he'll always be a hero of mine. Went on a snowboard trip with the family and Dillon to watch my dad play in Dewey's band. The only fun part was playing card's in the truck with Dillon while we were stuck inside.

March: Dill and I's 2 years!! We went to a quaint paint your own pottery place in Gig Harbor..I painted a gnome for him and he painted me a blue and yellow giraffe (my favorite animal). The best day of the year so far :) the rest of the month was drab tho, school or the lack thereof haha.

April: Closer to Dillon graduating. Closer to the end of my school quarter to be done..thank god! I can't stand doing something I don't even wanna go to school for.

May: Same as April only really busy getting everything together with Julie, Dill's mom. We went through hell getting everything together! I can't believe how many pictures we went through! Starting to look for a job...which is tough since the whole country is going through a depression.

June: Dillon graduated! We almost broke up at least 5 damn times...rediculous. And over something so stupid too. But his party was a huge success and everything went smoothly :) all the hard work paid off. I finally finished school!! And went on a 10 day trip with the family and Dillon to Nevada and California. Honestly I can't wait until me and Dill finally go on a trip by ourselves. Still looking for a job.

July: The 4th was interesting ha! Jumping on the trampoline and almost getting our faces blown off makes for fun tales to tell but at the moment it happens its scarier than shit. Its been a hot month, hotter that Satan's balls and I've still been looking for a job.

eh, screw it

So this was just going to be a blog about things i love..ha! it never turns out that way.

i've been looking for a job for quite some time now. And I was super close this last week to getting one! But in all honesty getting a job doesn't excite me in the least bit. I'd rather start a vintage store or travel or something exciting.. it seems so easy to just travel around in the movies doesn't it?? I've had a lot of interviews but they never get anywhere which is lame. But I can't do anything but keep pushing for a job or else my dad is gonna have a fit and throw me out sooner or later..

Which brings me to school...I can't decide if I should go to school at FIDM or not. Decisions, decisions! It's true that it would be an amazing adventure that I'd prolly never get again..but leaving everything behind would be hard and I don't know how I could handle that. It seems there's always something holding me back.

Had a fight with Dillon already this morning..about the same things but we're getting better. I hate drama and all the extra drama that comes with it..seems that people who crave attention are the ones with the most drama, so I try to stay away from them. Dillon likes attention alot of times but he's smart enough to know when to stop haha :) today is the day I ask him about moving to California for school... I'm crossing my fingers..maybe he'll go?

Looks i love today :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

clawfoot tubs add such class to any bathroom that we had to have one in our house! this isnt our bathroom but our tub looks almost identical.
i LOVE linens. of any color! my drawers are filled with them. they add a simple splash of color or charm to tables, end tables, or any surface that needs a face lift :)

i love the wall paper in this one! this picture wants me to step through and see the rest of this house!

my room is turning out wonderfully!! better than i imagined it could be, yet there's still so many things that i can think of doing to it, pictures to be posted soon!


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